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Welcome to Triad Investigations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Are you the owner of a company or rental property? Would you like to conduct background checks on applicants before you hire them or rent out your property?  We provide background checks or full background investigations, which ever meets your needs.  

If you're an active attorney, you know how difficult it can be preparing a case and trying to track down witnesses or obtaining their statements. Our team of experienced investigators can assist you.  We'll work for you to develop and interview potential witnesses, conduct independent re-investigations, review and evaluate evidence, statements and crime reports to provide professional opinions or analysis. We will document our findings in a comprehensive and detailed report, that will be easy to understand and suitable to present in court. 

Have you or someone you know been the victim of a crime? Did you feel the case was a low priority for local law enforcement because it appeared nothing was being done?  We can help. Local authorities are often under staffed and have more cases than they can handle. Sometimes, they can use professional assistance. We'll be your personal detective, pursuing the leads and working the case with local authorities.  We'll keep you informed as to the progress of the case. 

We provide assistance to victims of  crimes and their families, to help them navigate police procedures for reclaiming property seized during investigations and obtaining information or updates about the case.  We will serve as your personal consultant guiding you through paperwork and government red tape. 

We can provide training for your personnel, to prevent them from becoming victims of crimes in the future.

        So give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and put our experience to work for you.