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Criminal Investigations
    Vandalism and Defacing Property
     Harassment and Stalking
     Crimes Pertaining to Property Loss and Theft
     Crimes Against Persons - Homicides, Robbery, Assaults
     Missing Persons - Voluntary or Involuntary     

Fraud Investigations
    Workers Compensation Verification and Fraud
     Fraudulent Insurance Claims
     Credit Card and Check Fraud
     Counterfeiting and Forgery
     Identity Theft and Impersonation

Background Investigations 
    Pre-employment, Criminal Checks, Credential Verifications
     Employee Conduct and Internal Investigations  
     Contractor and Vendor Screening
     Pre-Government Contract Clearances
     Personal Relationship and Acquaintances
     Screening Tenants, Renters, Seasonal Occupants
     Domestic Employees, Babysitters, House Keepers, etc 
At Triad Investigations, we provide a wide variety of investigative services. We can conduct thorough independent investigations on your behalf. We can provide specially designed support services like performing a security assessment around your facility, a review or analysis of evidence and statements, along with assisting you in the preparation of a court case.  We'll personalize any of our services to accommodate your specific needs all at a competitive price.
Here's some of the many services we provide:
Corporate Investigations
     Skip Tracing
     Asset Recovery
     Loss Prevention and Detection
     Risk Management Assessments
     Fleet Monitoring, Driver Shadowing and Surveillance
     Internal and External Investigations - All Types
     Electronic Counter Measures - Debugging

Other Services 
    GPS Tracking: Personal / Assets and Covert
     Cellular Phone and Computer Forensics
     Surveillance - Moving and Stationary
     Covert Photography - Still Shots and Video       
     Fingerprint Processing and Print Comparisons
     Vehicle Collision Investigation and Reconstruction
     Industrial / Construction Site Accident Investigations
     Fire Scene Investigations, Accidental and Suspicious
     Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Training Programs
     Security Safety Assessments / Other Crime Prevention 
Attorney Services 
​    Witness Locating, Tracking and Backgrounds
     Conducting Interviews and Acquiring Statements  
     Crime Scene Evaluations and Follow-up Processing
     Evidence Processing and Assessments
     Indigent Defense Investigations and Support Services
     Subpoena and Other Process Service    
     Analyzing or Evaluating Police Procedure and Practices
For a free consultation and to learn how to put our experience to work for you, 
call us at 336-712-5675.  
Domestic Investigations
​      Divorce and Infidelity Behavior
      Domestic or Child Abuse Investigations     
      Child Custody and Child Support Recovery
      Elder Care and Abuse
      Pet or Animal Abuse
If you don't see the service you want or need, give us a call and ask us about it. We can design an investigative 
plan to address your preferences or needs. 
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