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Cold Case Investigations - Homicides and Missing Persons
We investigate Cold Case Homicides; Cold Case Missing Persons; Suicides, Accidental and other Suspicious Deaths.

Cold Cases are those that have been diligently investigated by law enforcement, but where all leads appear exhausted and no conclusion was determined as to who committed the crime.  After a while, the case "goes cold," a term investigators often use because no one is actively working the case and there have been no new leads or information to pursue. 

It has been determined time and time again, that in many cold case homicides that were finally solved, the information leading to clearing the case or identifying the perpetrator was part of the investigation all along.  Sometimes, by no fault of their own, investigators become overwhelmed with the enormity of the case. They accidentally miss leads, overlook potential suspects or miss opportunities to examine leads closer during the course of the investigation. Occasionally, investigators develop “tunnel vision” which is where they become fixated on a particular suspect or specific scenario as to how the crime was committed and disregard information or evidence pointing them in another direction or to another possible suspect. 

Reviews of cold cases have revealed that in many cases, correct suspects were actually developed during early stages of the investigation, only to be inadvertently overlooked or hastily ruled out during the intensity of the ongoing investigation.  

Case studies have also revealed that "time" has proven to have a positive effect when investigating a cold case.  It has been determined that sometimes having knowledge of an unsolved case often has a way of weighing on the minds and consciences of potential suspects or witnesses.  Someone who was previously discounted as not being a witness suddenly becomes a new witness when re-contacted by different investigators some time later. In those cases a witness may suddenly provide useful information that they previously refused to disclose, because they were too afraid to come forward, didn't want to get involved or they were covering up for a family member or friend who was involved. 

Case reviews have revealed that some potential witnesses were accidentally overlooked during neighborhood canvasses, because they weren't home at the time of the original canvas and no one ever attempted to re-canvas or contact them. But  If approached in the right way sometime later, they may choose to do the right thing and share their information. 

When we take on a Cold Case, we will review it, re-investigate it and re-contact witnesses and even suspects. We’ll work to develop new witnesses, new leads and new sources of information. We will look for missed leads or overlooked pieces of information and follow-up on those as well. Our Chief Investigator, Tim Wooten, has many years of experience and training conducting investigations. Over his forty years of law enforcement experience, he's worked several hundred death investigations, including some of the state's most publicized cases.  He has worked cases as the first officer on the scene, the crime scene investigator processing the scene or evidence, as the detective conducting follow-up investigation and he has supervised many such investigations. Because of his extensive training and experience in Forensics, this gives Tim a unique perspective when reviewing cases and determining if every possible resource was utilized and each item of potential evidence was processed. He's aware of the latest advances in forensic sciences such as DNA testing and he'll know what old evidence might become new evidence if submitted for forensic analysis using today's methods and resources. 

So when you feel more needs to be done on your family's case, we can help.  Give us a call and ask for a free consultation.  Put our experience to work for you.