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Cold Case Investigations
"Cold Case" is a term used by investigators when they have diligently investigated a case and pursued all known leads, but have been unable to identify the perpetrator or close the case with an arrest.  Over time,  investigators will refer to the case as "going cold" because they are unable to advance the investigation toward a satisfactory conclusion where someone is held responsible.  When that happens, no one is actively working the case and it becomes "Inactive."  If new leads are developed, investigators will re-activate the case and begin working on the new information.  

Over the years, Scholars and Experts have reviewed hundreds of Cold Cases in search of ways to improve investigative methods and prevent so many cases from going cold or unsolved.  In some cases, were re-opened years later and investigators were able to clear the case either because new witnesses came forward or, existing evidence was matched with new techniques and resources such as DNA testing, at which time new results were produced bringing the case to closure.

Sometimes, by no fault of their own, investigators have inadvertently overlooked or missed information, evidence or even suspects that were developed early on in the case.  This can occur due to the hectic pace of the investigation or enormity of the case and when it did, it was determined that investigators just never went back to follow up with those initial leads. Unfortunately when that happens, the case can go cold.

Some cases have been solved years later during reviews when it was determined critical bits of information were in the case file all along but had been overlooked.  This can pertain to evidence that has never been tested for DNA because that was a resource not available at the time.  Once the evidence is tested, that can generate new and fresh suspects or leads to pursue.

In some cases, new information has been developed from witnesses that were previously interviewed, but who provided little or no information at the time.  In some cases, those same witnesses withheld information because they were afraid to get involved or they knew people who were involved and were covering for them.  After years of carrying the burden of knowing they should have done more to help, they suddenly decide to do the right thing and will share the information they have if they're 
re-contacted by investigators.  

Case reviews have also revealed some witnesses were accidentally overlooked because they were not home when investigators conducted neighborhood canvases.  If investigators failed to re-canvas for potentially missed witnesses, those witnesses remained lost to the case and the information they may have is never obtained unless they come forward.

While it is rare, occasionally investigators develop tunnel vision. That means investigators will become so focused on what they consider or believe to be the most logical suspect, they may rule out other potential suspects or leads.  They may discard  evidence and information that would direct them toward other possible suspects, all because they feel so strongly about the one they have developed. 

"When we take on your case, we'll review it with "Fresh Eyes and Open Minds." 

We'll review the case to determine it's solvability by looking at every lead, every witness statment, every possible suspect and every piece of evidence to insure all resources were used effectively.  If needed, we'll re-contact witnesses and even suspects if that's what it takes to restart the case.  If you feel your case needs more investigation let us know.  While we will be working for you, we will work side by side with government officials to help bring the case to a conclusion.  Our goals are to aid in the investigation not impede or hinder it.  

Give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can help your investigation.  Call us at 336-712-5675.
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